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Paul Fuchs, Erntekrone

The story behind our picture:

For Albrecht Dürer, the outstanding Renaissance artist, "is a good painter (and we can complement calmly, also a good sculptor) inside full of figure, and although (if it were possible) that he lived forever, he would have come from the inner ideas [. . .] to pour something new through the work of art."

Paul Fuchs, the very contemporary sculptor, draughtsman and sound-artist, is "inside (so) full of figure", that when it reaches the outside as a sculpture, it can reach a height of 10 meters and above. In addition, it is often full of wonderful sounds. The artist's "inner ideas" are convincing when he visits his "Giardino dei Suoni", the Garden of Sounds, a unique sculpture park in southern Tuscany.


Harvest crown
Paul Fuchs, 2017
Bronze, VA Steel, Gold
Gold plating Aurum Magnum Atelier

Copyright @ Aurum Magnum

Gold sets accents. 

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