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The story behind our picture (with many numbers) read here:

Our picture shows a window grid of the Franzensfeste fortress in South Tyrol, where 127.5 tons of gold were buried in bars and coins, the gold reserves of the Banca d' Italia, between 1943 and 1945. In 1944, a total of 102 tonnes of the gold treasure were transferred: 23 tonnes came to the Swiss National Bank and 79 tonnes were to be transferred to Berlin. On the way from Italy to Germany, a large part of the gold is lost, except for 4.3 tons, which were tracked down in Salzburg. The remaining 25 tons of material in South Tyrol were discovered in 1945 in one of the countless bunkers of the fortress Franzensfeste.

And since gold in general, and lost gold in particular inspires people's imagination, the world is richer by another myth of gold. To illustrate this story, we use the mesh of grids to bring out the splendour of past glory.

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