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Blauer Stein_1

Franziskus Schmid, BLUE STONE

approx.25 x 10 x 15 cm
Unique etching on poliment silver plating
Picture carrier alternatively wooden plate with graphite polish or polished alabaster

The Aurum Magnum Gallery is a gallery for contemporary art. Since its inception, she has devoted one focal point of its exhibition activities to the theme of "Gold in Art", i. e. works of art in which genuine gold leaf with its unique effect of light, colour and presence is an essential means of artistic design. These works refute existing prejudices that gold in contemporary art is traditional or even handicraft.

In our internet gallery we present works by Franziskus Schmid. Born in Augsburg (Germany) in 1955, the artist has been using gold leaf offensively and innovatively as a material and artistic means of expression in his works for many years. The authenticity of the material plays a decisive role here. He also uses precious metals such as silver and palladium. His high artistic level and his knowledge and mastery of the ancient techniques of gilding, which he transposes sovereignly into the 21st century in his artworks, make his works probably unique.