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Aurum Magnum Peiß

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Franziskus Schmid
Foundling from the Inn
2018 kg
24 carat gold leaf

From 1990 onwards, Aurum Magnum Atelier & Galerie developed itself from the artist`s Franziskus Schmid's Studio in Peiß, in collaboration with the author Stephan Huslik, to its longstanding headquarters. The gallery's forerunners were irregular studio exhibitions, which received widespread attention under the title "Art Weekend Peiß".

In 2008, the plan of a gallery was created, which was opened in 2009 under the name "Aurum Magnum Atelier & Galerie". It was named after the work of Franziskus Schmid, a boulder weighing over two tons from the Inn River, whose surface is covered with 24 carat gold leaf. This unmistakable landmark of the gallery became as well known nationwide as the gallery itself with its four exhibitions a year, the "Aurum Magnum Kunstsalon" in spring and autumn, the series "Art in the Dog Days" and the "Aurum Magnum Winter Exhibition". In between, the gallery showed special exhibitions and the "Aurum Magnum Wunderkammer", which was opened all year round.

In December 2014, due to the owner's own needs, the gallery ended its activities there. After a creative break, the gallery resumes its activities, albeit in a different form. The modified logo and a small golden stone stand as the outer symbol for the new beginning as a new landmark.