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Kleiner Goldener Stein_1

The story behind our picture read here:

From 2007 to 2014, "AURUM MAGNUM" (Grand Gold) by Franziskus Schmid, a boulder weighing more than two tons from the Inn River, whose surface is covered with 24-carat gold leaf, gave the gallery its name and became a well-known landmark at its founding site.

As a symbol for the new beginning of Aurum Magnum Atelier & Galerie and its changed concept, we replace the large golden stone with a small golden brother, who will accompany our activities from now on.

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Atelier: "When gold becomes art" remains the leitmotif of the Aurum Magnum Atelier. The works of art and craftsmanship created there are mainly created on the basis of gilding techniques that were used in antiquity and are innovatively developed further by Aurum Magnum.

After a longer creative break, the Aurum Magnum Gallery becomes active again. Initially, it does not use its own rooms, but presents the works of art in its new Internet gallery. A resumption of the exhibition activities as a guest exhibitor at selected locations is planned.

In the course of the year 2019 we will extend our offers with an online shop. There, connoisseurs and lovers of unique works of art and high-quality commercial art will find what they are looking for.

Welcome to Aurum Magnum!